Couples Counselling

Feeling content and connected in our relationships is crucial to our emotional well being. Couples Counselling can help address issues that are causing pain, conflict and unhappiness.

You may feel unhappy or frustrated with certain aspects of your relationship but can’t seem to resolve these issues between you. Relationship Therapy can help you work through problems and look at how to improve things between you.

I will not take sides but I will assist you in identifying and breaking problematic patterns of behaviour and help you build healthier ways to relate to your partner.

I work with heterosexual and LGBTQ couples, I offer a safe and neutral space in which you can explore the issues and together we can find resolutions and a way forward.

Common issues couples bring to therapy are:

Losing connection
High levels of conflict
Poor communication
Affairs and betrayal
Uncertainty about commitment
Sexual difficulties
Separation and Divorce
Fertility Issues


How do I get started ?

Please call or email me so we can explore your needs further and begin your journey towards a more fulfilling relationship.